Nash Grier


Nash Grier (Hamilton Nash Grier) is a social media star on many different platforms. Nash was born on December 28th 1997 in North Carolina to parents Chad and Elizabeth with the name Hamilton Nash Grier but he chooses to be called by Nash instead. In 2013 Nash started posting vines which included his brothers, Hayes Grier (Benjamin Hayes), Will Grier and his little half-sister Skylnn Floyd. A well-known celebrity re-vined a vine that Nash and his brother Hayes filmed which contributed to Nash and Hayes becoming more noticed and well known. Nash later joined a group called Magcon, which stands for Meet And Greet Convention along with other Internet sensations Cameron Dallas, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, Hayes Grier, Taylor Caniff, Mahogany Lox, Matthew Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Jacob Whitesides and then later in the tour Sammy Wilk, Brent Rivera, JC Caylen and Sam Pottorff were added but eventually all the boys left for business issues and to pursue their careers. In early 2014 Nash got nominated for Best WebStar in the Teen Choice Awards. Nash was later signed to Awesomeness TV along with his fellow Viner and best friend Cameron Dallas. He also released an App called Cash Dash with Viner best friend Cameron Dallas, his brother Hayes Grier, fellow Internet stars Carter Reynolds and Bart Baker,and their photographer Bryant Eslava. Nash has gained over 4.4 Million followers on Twitter and 7.4 Million on instagram adding to a total of 11.8 million followers. But Nash is the most followed person on vine with a massive 11.4 million followers. so in total Nash has 23.2 million followers across the entire world. He has become known as the King Of Vine since his social media career began in 2013. Nash has also been named one of the most influential people in the world. At the end of October 2014 Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, Cameron Dallas and Hayes Grier released a clothing line called United XXVI with Aeropostale and Bryant. Nash has many big things coming up in his career, which include him starring as Jack Sanders in the new movie (coming 2016) 'The Outfield' with best friend, vine star and room-mate, Cameron Dallas and a world tour, as well as revealing new items to the clothing line and uploading regular videos to his youtube channel (4M Subscribers) and vines too. Nash and Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds and Aaron Carpenter who all stared in the former Magcon Tour, along with many other social stars such as singers Daniel Skye, Alec Bailey, Jonah Marais and Alyssa Shouse, YouTube star and Cameron's sister, Sierra Dallas, Photographer, Bryant Eslava and other social superstars Bart Baker and Tez Mengestu are now signed too 26MGMT.


Movie Name Release Date
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