Jon-Jon Lockwood


Born in Bradford, Jon-Jon, Nathan-Paul Lockwood was the youngest of 5 children. Raised by his mother Elizabeth Shaw, Jon-Jon took great interest in entertaining at the tender age of 4 displaying his skills of humor, confident line reading and improvisation to friends and family and school performances. When introduced by a friend in February 2014 to the Yorkshire School of Acting at age 5, Jon-Jon was accepted immediately and thrived in this environment. After only a few months of training Jon-Jon was requested for his first audition and was cast in Sacha Baron Cohen new movie, Grimsby, where he traveled to South Africa to play the role of Jason Sacha's son. Jon-Jon showed skills at script work and delivery of many improvised lines leaving much of the cast laughing at his humor. Jon-Jon's work on set increased his confidence even more and after returning from South Africa many auditions came his way. In June 2015 Jon-Jon successfully auditioned for the summer advertisement for Sainsburys and traveled to London to film in various locations. When Jon-Jon is not busy working or attending Bradford Academy school, he enjoys reading, drawing playing on his computer games, spending time with his family and enjoying being a very talented and imaginative yet excitable child.


Movie Name Release Date
أكشن فيلم The Brothers Grimsby مترجم March 11, 2016